Our Team


Christina Yeoman

Owner & Director

Christina spent 10+ years using her computer engineering degree working with everything from Fortune 500, e-commerce, and small businesses, as well as startups to deliver data-to-live-graphics automation to the heads of the companies to help understand and make executive decisions with their performance metrics.

She made the seamless transition from metrics-driven tasks to digital marketing by using her photography, graphic design, and writing skills to create impressive marketing campaigns that would sell out deals she created within 24-hours, provide record sales (500% year-over-year), record bookings, and so much more.

Her interest in video became prominent when she joined a startup that needed a video work done. It was then that she learned the power of an effective script that would make people feel compelled to buy. From then on, she became obsessed with how much video marketing is needed in this rapidly changing world.

After 6 months of working clients, helping them tell their story, and seeing them get their return, she decided to create Catalyst Creations with the aim to help all local startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to move their marketing strategy and revenue forward with the power of video.


Samantha Mauney Aiken

Lead Videographer & Filmmaker

Samantha is filmmaker, content marketer, and creative with a background in linguistics. Samantha likes making films that deal with the interaction of language, culture, and society. She has blogged for, consulted with, and created video for non-profits and corporations alike, and has interests in the interaction of language and society (specifically marketing and digital communication).


Bailey Schultz

Lead Video Editor, Lead Sound & Lighting

Bailey is currently pursuing an MFA in Television and Film Production at Asbury University. She holds a BA Media Arts and Studies with a focus in Digital Media and Design at The University of Kentucky. She has a passion for Photography, Video Editing, and Music. During her time at UK, she worked on numerous projects whether filming or editing. She has spent the past summers in Spain, Australia, and New Zealand, working on various projects, such as with The Olympic Channel, Off the Map, and the Waitomo Caves.

Outside of Media, she has studied Legal Business and Leadership through a college and work program in her hometown, and has done work with horses since a very young age.


Skyler luttrell

Lead Digital Marker & Blogger

Skyler is a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics, where, after a year as a theatre major, he studied all forms of business administration, marketing, and advertising. He is a lover of all things literary, filling his free time with whatever books he can get his hands on, while working on his own literary career. Skyler has always had a deep interest in the marketing world, seeing the field as an intersection of business and creativity, where those with a passion for expression and a mind for merchandising can take refuge..