Our Team


Christina Yeoman

Owner & Director

Christina spent 10+ years using her computer engineering degree working with everything from Fortune 500, e-commerce, and small businesses, as well as startups to deliver data-to-live-graphics automation to the heads of the companies to help understand and make executive decisions with their performance metrics.

She made the seamless transition from metrics-driven tasks to digital marketing by using her photography, graphic design, and writing skills to create impressive marketing campaigns that would sell out deals she created within 24-hours, provide record sales (500% year-over-year), record bookings, and so much more.

Her interest in video became prominent when she joined a startup that needed video work done. It was then that she learned the power of an effective script that would make people feel compelled to buy. From then on, she became obsessed with how much video marketing is needed in this rapidly changing world.

After 6 months of working with clients, helping them tell their story, and seeing them get their return, she decided to create Catalyst Creations with the aim to help all local startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to move their marketing strategy and revenue forward with the power of story.


Branding & Social Media


Betsy Samples

Chief Branding Officer

Betsy has been writing creatively for longer than she can remember. She fell in love with the way words can be used to tell a story and convey feelings and ideas. She found her niche in poetry where she tells stories and portrays images succinctly using vivid language. While she has enjoyed mastering her problem-solving skills during years working in Pharmacy Operations, Betsy feels she is called to writing, editing, and branding. She is working on her BA in Communications to further this goal and assist in all things Catalyst.


Ashley Mills

Social Media Manager & Strategist

Ashley is a lover of all things online. Throughout her life, she has consumed countless hours of media on the internet and has decided to turn her love of Social Media into a career. Because of her interest in Social Media Marketing, she is able to pursue her want to help others by managing their needs - and by doing this, she is on track to meet her goal of becoming a content creator! She has an Associate's Degree in Business Administration from Big Sandy Community and Technical College and has worked in multiple professional environments throughout her career. With plans to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Workforce Administration at Western Kentucky University, she is also working on her brand, and gaining the knowledge to carry out her vision of making a positive change through her Social Media presence! By working with us she hopes to become a valuable asset not only to our company but to herself, and Kentucky!


Business Development


Matthew Vanhoose

Director of Business Development, Staff Writer, and Finance Specialist

Matthew has had a creative side to him ever since he was young. As he grew older, this creativity and curiosity fueled his personality and academic career. His creative nature lead him into reporter and editor positions with his high school newspaper. Now, Matthew seeks to use creative problem solving in different business situations to find the optimal solutions for marketing, management, and finance.

Matthew has been to 92 countries and has no plans to stop now. He believes these experiences have helped shape him into who he is today and continues to foster his drive for creativity and thinking outside of the box at Catalyst. Matthew currently studies finance, marketing, and history at the University of Kentucky, with plans to graduate May 2020.


Storyboarding & Storytelling

Catalyst creations self picture.jpg

Thomas McIntosh

Storyboarding Specialist, Advanced Videographer, Short Films Specialist

Thomas first developed an interest in filmmaking during the eighth grade where he found inspiration through the work of content creators. What he noticed from watching their work was that they were bringing ideas to life and they were having fun doing it. He then spent time in high school learning all he could about videography, photography, and editing, as well as making school and independent projects with his friends.

He attended Bluegrass Community & Technical College where he studied film and graduated with an associates degree in fine arts in 2018. He later transferred to Western Kentucky University, where he is currently a senior and is continuing his studies as a film major and computer animation minor. 

Ever since he started working in film production, he has worked on the production of several short films, one feature film, and many other projects.



Podcast Host, Storytelling Specialist

Alyx has always been passionate about connecting with and helping people. She began her journey in radio her freshman year of college. With her knack for storytelling and passion for people, she soon began hosting her own show. She took the opportunity to not just share her own experiences but to help others share their stories in compelling and dynamic ways. This only fueled her desire to continue to show people the value of each unique individual’s story in order to teach others to grow confidence in their stories and the inspiration that is found in their everyday lives. During the school year, Alyx plans to continue growing her skills through her work in radio as the Promotions Director and radio show host at Cedarville University while she studies Broadcasting and Digital Media.




Samantha Mauney Aiken

Professional Videographer, Documentary Specialist

Samantha has had interest in film since an early age. As she grew up, she spent time messing with cameras and chose to study linguistics due to her interest in culture and how it applies to video and marketing. She has been making films that deal with the interaction of language, culture, and society for nearly 10 years. Not only has she worked on blockbuster movies, but she has worked on or with various documentaries. Her feature film that she directed, fundraised, shot, and edited herself is set to release in late 2019. She continues to craft her skillset and hone in on her marketing expertise with her specialization in SEO for local businesses around town.


Joe Murner

Advanced Videographer, Motion Graphics Specialist

Joe first got into video editing by making home movies with his friends. They loved watching ActionVFX videos on YouTube. Joe took such an active interest in it that he began teaching himself Adobe Premiere and After Effects through YouTube tutorials until he practically began mastering the craft of Motion Graphics. Throughout high school, he took film classes which inspired him to make short films of his own. He is currently a sophomore at Xavier University as a Digital Innovation in Film and Television major.


Jonathan Bess

Event Videographer

Jonathan grew up enjoying movies and TV shows with family and friends. Over time, he realized how much cinema brings people closer together, so he wanted to create that for others, too, in visual stories. He is currently a Production Technology major at Radford University.


Previous Video, Sales, or Marketing Interns

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