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The Kentucky Hempsters, Kirstin Bohnert and Alyssa Erickson, whose love of farming and growing hemp, along with some strategic marketing, beautiful videos, and superb pictures has landed them as influential hemp growers. This is their story.

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  • 6X increase in video views compared to previous videos

  • Record highest reactions and shares: 192 reactions and 21 shares on their Facebook page

  • 20X click-through rate compared to previous videos


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Winni van Gessel of Ultimate Test Prep spent 40 years of his life as a pre-K, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and college teacher. Watch how he has mastered test prep so he can help your family save thousands in tuition expenses. This is his story.

the results (stats on Facebook pending)

  • 3X Increase in Traffic to Ultimate Test Prep’s Website within 24 hours via LinkedIn

  • Record highest reactions and shares: 11 reactions and 2 shares via LinkedIn


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