Our Story


how it all began

In July 2018, after spending months frequenting local shops, restaurants, and talking to startup owners, the owner began to notice a fundamental lack of awareness about the story of local brands and businesses.

Given her previous work in video for a local startup she was involved with and worked for, as well as how important the company’s story is to the customers who support it, she began on a quest to ask person after person if they thought that her idea would help the community, where she presented the idea at LinkedIn Local Lexington in September.

After weeks of receiving feedback from people in the community who were excited about what it could become, she knocked down, came up with a plan, and then conducted her first interview with a startup owner, and then proceeded to do that week after week.

After seeing her Catalyst Creations’ (formerly LinkedIntoLexington) metrics skyrocket due to these stories, she knew she had to level-up and offer a service that business owners would not only want to pay for, but that they, too, could use it in their digital marketing strategy.

After finishing work with Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 in Lexington, KY, and making a video highlight reel of the week, everyone in the community began to recognize our legitimacy as a storytelling business that makes people feel something.

Upon finding a videographer who specialized in documentary-style films, she knew she could have a business that the people wanted, that the community would stand behind, and that everyone would benefit from.

That’s when Catalyst Creations was born.

We have visions of making a full-length documentary about the people of Kentucky by either the end of 2020, using footage taken from our mini-documentaries about the local startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and job seekers and making it powerful.

We want to make this website, and its connected sites, a portal for everyone in Kentucky to enjoy and know about what’s going on here, and we can’t wait to show that to you. Until then, we hope you enjoy our site & social channels.