How this can help you

  • You’re an entrepreneur or job seeker on a budget who still wants video in your life.

  • You need something done quickly and want a 24-hour turn around from filming-to-delivery.

  • You don’t care to have a fancy video, but still want to have something to show off yourself or your business.


How this can help you

  • You’re in the sweet spot financially where you can’t afford professional production, but you want something good.

  • You aren’t in a rush and don’t care to wait up to three weeks to let a student work their magic on your video.

  • You want some good b-roll footage.


How this can help you

  • You want to make you or your company really look good with our best cameras and most skilled videographers.

  • You’re okay with up to a 2-week delivery.

  • You want lots of amazing b-roll, voice-overs, and pretty tight graphics to boot.


Note: these services do not include explainer videos.


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